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Events available on the server

Boss Event

Gore Soul and Wild Tiquanda are monsters designed for team hunt (high heal rate). It means that you have to deal to them at least 500k dmg to be able to receive a lootbag. Every player gets his own lootbag from these bosses. Gore Soul has 33% chance to spawn on PACC Zone (thieves west from depo). His respawn time is randomized from one to even ten hours from server restart. You will be informed about his spawn: "The Gore Soul has appeared!". Wild Tiquanda spawns every 2 hours on PACC Zone and Forgotten Island.

Zombie Event

Zombie event occurs every 4 hour from server restart.
The winner of Zombie Event can get one of the items below:


Raid event occurs on Nayeli and PACC Zone.
Monsters such as Murk Valkyrie and Night Amazon spawns on certain sqm's. This event is good for low-level player as these monsters can drop decent items.

Lottery Event

Every hour one player gets 20-100  

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