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Todays boosted creature +10% experience

4 Mar 2024 - CHANGES #5


1. Increased Knight and Palladin Sudden Death rune damage.
2. Removed +3% Magic Damage from Spellbook of Necropharus. (now gives only boost to SD rune).
3. Palladins now have increased magic level gain by 30%.
4. Frag time increased to 10 hours.
5. Decreased limit of killing low-level players from 2 to 1 per restart (you can kill only one low-level player, then each low-level kill will result in getting 2 frags instead of 1).
6. Monsters can not overspawn anymore. For example now it's impossible to overspawn Archdemons so if at first floor there are only 4 Archdemons, it's no chance to increase the amount of them.
7. Increased frag time to 10 hours.
8. Increased Red Skull time to 12 hours.
9. Increased PK ban time to 48 hours.
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27 Feb 2024 - CHANGES #4


1. Fragtime changed from 2 hours to 6 hours.
2. Low level protection range has been changed. Now it's 60% of the attacker's level. For example 600 level players counts as low level to a player with 1000+ level.
3. We have reverted change related to killing a low level player. Now the victim will be teleported to the temple if had no skull and had low level protection.
4. Decreased Knight's movement speed by 50.
5. Decreased Rangers Cloak movement speed by 50.
6. Lost Corsair and Bloody Mary spawn (ship) has been moved to the Forgotten Island.
7. Decreased loot from Primal Dragon and Necropharus.
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25 Feb 2024 - CHANGES #3


1. Today we have removed all doors (900lvl) on the Forgotten Island. Also we have decreased needed level to pass to the Forgotten Island (700lvl). In result you have possibility to enter all spawns on the island. Monsters on island will be a little bit reworked in next week. You can start Vocation III tasks earlier now but still you need to have 900 lvl to enter the quest.
2. Added poison immunity to Necropharus.
3. Fixed Annihilator map so Demon's can not hold PZ anymore.
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23 Feb 2024 - CHANGES #2


1. Sell all function now ignores items other than main backpack.
2. Decreased Magic Thrower's armor and def. Removed fire immunity.
3. Fixed unnecessary answers from Tharr, Mordrag and Nyiera.
4. After killing a low level player he will not be teleported to temple. He will get 15 seconds of damage protection instead. It is a temporary change.
5. Increased health and experience gained from Black Buccaneer, Infernatil and Glacial Lord. Added healing spell to them.
6. Changed health and experience gained from Gorgon, Goetia, Lord of Destruction, Hellfire Dragon, Cursed Captain, Ancient Protector, Ice Witch and Terrifying Sight. Added healing spell to them.
7. Added task points for missing monsters. Updated task page on the website.
8. Decreased Frozen Elfs and Primal Dragons damage.
9. Fixed healing on Gore Soul zone. Works only on yourself!!
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16 Feb 2024 - CHANGES #1


1. Added sell all itemname command to NPC like Jordan, Haaron, Ancient Djinn Seller, Eagell.
2. Added 3 NPC's to spawn bossess like Infernatil, Glacial Lord, Black Buccaneer. 3. Added monsters: Ice Witch, Archdemon, Cursed Captain, Hellfire Dragon, Ancient Protector.
4. Added exp areas on Forgotten Island.
5. Fixed Wild Tiquanda's shared lootbag.
6. Removed possibility to kill someone in house with SD rune or other spell (specific case).
7. Fixed exp sharing.
8. Increased SD damage for Knight.
9. Fixed lottery present.
10. Fixed native armor.
11. Fixed map bugs.
12. Fixed guild creation on the website.
13. Added beholder helmet to Djinn's sell list.
14. Fixed Tharr and Mordrag script.

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