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PhotoItem Description
wizard's robe (Arm:5). +4% Magic DMG
divine legs (Arm:12). +5% Magic DMG
mystic turban (Arm:1). +1% Magic DMG
red robe (Arm:3). +2% Magic DMG
wizard's hat (Arm:5). +3% Magic DMG
spellbook. +2% Magic DMG
spellbook of necropharus. +3% Magic DMG, Adds [1000-1500] dmg to your SD rune power.
Sprite Wand. First tier wand for mages.
Magic Staff. Second tier wand for mages.
Crystal Wand. Third tier wand for mages.
Verminor Staff. The best wand for mages.
Magic starlight. +1000-1500 to manarune power [arrow slot].
Ancient Mage Helmet (Arm:8). +6% Magic DMG

PhotoItem Description
divine helmet (Arm:14). +5 DIST, +attack speed
elven cowl (Arm:11). +2 DIST
elven armor (Arm:19). +3 DIST, 3% Magic DMG reduction
elven legs (Arm:10). +2 DIST, +2% Magic DMG
Crystal arrow (Atk:95). Spikes armors like butter.
verminor arrow (Atk:130)
horn arrow (Atk:165) 1% chance to pierce armor and deal maximum possible damage.
Elder quiver. 5% crit chance [backpack slot].
Ice bolt (Atk:190) 2% chance to slow player for 4 seconds (haste removes slow effect).
Ancient Paladin Armor (Arm:23). +4 DIST, +3% Magic DMG. Increase maximum hp and mana by 500

PhotoItem Description
divine armor (Arm:32). +5 AXE,CLUB,SWORD, 4% Magic DMG reduction
verminor helmet (Arm:13). +2 AXE,SWORD,CLUB, +2% Magic DMG
native armor (Arm:21). +3 AXE,SWORD,CLUB
dragon scale legs (Arm:12). +2 AXE,SWORD,CLUB, +2% Magic DMG
black shield (Atk:10 Def:45). 3% Magic DMG reduction
blessed shield (Atk:17 Def:58). 4% Magic DMG reduction
phoenix shield (Atk:22 Def:72). 6% Magic DMG reduction
eagle shield (Def:70). 3% chance of dealing damage to the player who attacks you with magic or physical attack.
silver mace (Atk:119 Def:32)
apocalipsis (Atk:121 Def:27). The darkness flows in this sword.
Great axe (Atk:123 Def:23). Cuts down a tree with a hit.
Golden mace (Atk:146 Def:44) +3 CLUB
Excalibur (Atk:149 Def:39) +3 SWORD
Labrys (Atk:151 Def:36) +3 AXE
Hammer of wrath (Atk:172 Def:52) 10% Armor penetration
The pharao sword (Atk:175 Def:47) 10% Armor penetration
Ruthless axe (Atk:171 Def:51) 10% Armor penetration
Crystal mace (Atk:197 Def:60) 3% chance for Critical Hit, 15% Armor Penetration
Djinn Blade (Atk:191 Def:66) 3% chance for Critical Hit, 15% Armor Penetration
War axe (Atk:193 Def:63) 3% chance for Critical Hit, 15% Armor Penetration
Cobrafang dagger. Adds 300-800 dmg to your attacks [arrow slot].
Ancient Knight helmet (Arm:15) Increase maximum hp by 1000, +4 AXE,SWORD,CLUB

PhotoItem Description
divine coins. You can exchange them for premium points directly in the game. 1 coin is worth 50 premium points
golden helmet (Arm:15). 5% chance for absorb 80% incoming damage
warlord armor (Arm:25). +200HP, +200MP/sec
helmet of the ancients (Arm:11). The gem is glowing with power. (deals fire damage every 3-4 seconds) 4 sqm range
demonic helmet (Arm:8). +1% Magic DMG
demonic armor (Arm:14). +1 SKILLS
demonic legs (Arm:8). +50HP, +50MP/sec
magic bunny slippers (Arm:3). +100HP, +100MP/sec, +3% Magic DMG
soft boots. +250HP, +250MP/sec
divine boots (Arm:6).+150HP, +150MP/sec, 4% Magic DMG reduction
You won't lose any experience or skills after death.
You will lose less experience and skills when you die.
Ranger's cloak. Increase your maximum speed by 100. (lottery present)
You see a fire ruby. Source of unknown power (Bring it to NPC Gandalf to activate HOTA)
You see a Soul Stone. You need it to buy an Elven Amulet from Strange Necromancer.
crocodile boots. +50HP, +50MP/sec (lottery present)
magic backpack. +100HP, +100MP/sec (lottery present)
You see a Frozen Note. You need it to get to the Ice Lands. [NPC Guard Of The Ice Lands]

PhotoItem Description
You see a dragon's heart. Bring 5 of those to Ylraid to summon Dragon God. [Riddle Island]
You see an elven ankh. Bring 5 of those to Faelyn to summon Chaos Elf. [Kestfal]
You see a widow's venom. Bring 5 of those to Arachne to summon Old Widow Queen. [Outlaw Camp]
Tear of infernatil. Bring 5 of those to Keeper of Hell to summon Infernatil. [Riddle Island Morgaroths]
Pirate Symbol. Bring 5 of those to Rotten Sailor to summon Black Buccaneer. [Mystic Island]
Frozen Heart. Bring 5 of those to Chillrend to summon Glacial Lord. [Kestfal Yetis]

PhotoItem Description
Stealth Ring. It makes you invisible. It lasts 10 min.
Sword ring. Increase sword fighting by 30. It lasts 30 min.
Axe ring. Increase axe fighting by 30. It lasts 30 min.
Club ring. Increase club fighting by 30. It lasts 30 min.
Dwarven ring. Increase shielding by 30. It lasts 30 min.
Crystal ring. Increase distance fighting by 30. It lasts 30 min.

PhotoItem DescriptionQuest
piece of helmet of the ancient. ANNIHILATOR II
piece of helmet of the ancient. VOCATION I
piece of helmet of the ancient. GHAZBARAN QUEST
piece of helmet of the ancient. DLT QUEST
piece of helmet of the ancient JUNGLE
piece of helmet of the ancient. VOCATION II
piece of helmet of the ancient. ELVEN RINGS
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