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Knight Weapons25West Undergrounds
Vampire Shield25West Undergrounds
Power Bolt25West Undergrounds
Boots Of Haste30West Undergrounds
Dragon Lance35City
50x Manarune Quest50City Tower
Annihilator I75Depo undergrounds
Great Axe150City
Silver Mace150Nayeli (dwarfs)
Apocalipsis150upstairs in depot
Mystic Quest (choose crystal arrow or sprite wand)150Mystic Island
Plasma Shield150Nayeli
Annihilator II (choose 100cc , stealth ring or soul stone)160City (orshabaals)
Demonic Set 200City (demons)
Black Shield300Nayeli (south swamp)
Vocation Quest I 350City
Ghazbaran Quest + access to Ancient Djinn Seller400Outlaw Camp
DLT Quest500Riddle Island
Elven Rings Quest + access to the ring dealer Nyx500Nayeli
Helmet Of the Ancients*650Jungle
Vocation Quest II + access to Forgotten Island 650Nayeli (tp to demons on left tower)
The Ruthless Trinity**650Premium Zone
Vocation III Quest900The Forgotten Island
Primal Weapons Quest****1000The Forgotten Island

*You need to find seven pieces of the helmet and bring them to npc (old dwarven blacksmith) in nayeli. One of the seven pieces is in jungle quest. The rest may be found in chests after you finish other quests. Fire ruby which you can loot from bosses is essential to activate HOTA (npc gandalf in kestfal).

**To enter the quest, you need to put the special ITEMS in the correct place, stay on one of the tiles and then press on the teleporter(10 people may join together).
ITEMS: (broken labrys, broken excalibur, broken golden mace, staff, spellbook, ornamented shield and hunting spear) may be looted from monsters like: Dracula, Titan, Cannibal, Possessed Magician, Terror Bird, The Horned Fox and Infernalist (check CREATURES tab) During the quest, you can find a signs with TIPS.

Royal Seven Trinity

***To enter the quest, you must first gain access by completing 4 tasks from NPC in the Vocation III room.

****The quest is made up of seven big maps with seven bosses which you have to kill. To enter each map you need one of the seven keys[info below]. After completing all the seven maps, you will get permission to NPC(name) which can teleport you to the second part of the quest. After you finish it each vocation has it's own way to the reward room. During the quest, you can find a signs with TIPS.

ImageItemLoot from
GOLDEN KEYAuriel, Ghazabaran
PURPLE KEYSerpent Lich, Possessed Magician
CRYSTAL KEYFrozen Ripper, Snow Beast
BONE KEYDracula, Immortal, Banished Cultist
SILVER KEYTorn Corpse, Old Widow Queen, Zoralurk
FIRE KEYPhoenix, Dragon God, Devilish Necromage
WOODEN KEYBetrayed Elf, Chaos Elf
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