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New PVP System


Redskull 5 frags.
Fragtime: 2h each
Redskull time: 12h


If a 600lvl player kills players whose level is equal to 40% of the attacking player's level value then the victim won't lose experience, skills and equipment. Instead they will get teleported to the temple and the killer will not get a frag but killer has only 2 chances to avoid getting a frag. After server restart, 2 chances will reset to 0. If killer has 2 chances used, every low-lvl kill will result in getting TWO FRAGS instead of 1. Victim must not have any type of skull, otherwise kill will be justified.


Player with level 600 can not kill a player with level below 240.
Player with level 1000 can not kill a player with level below 400.

If someone's level equals 40% of your level then you can see description like below:

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1 Chasm(1207)
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3 Dexo(1159)
4 Arpel Seneit(1154)
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